Physical Therapy


We will provide for you:

  • One-on-one working relationship with a Physical Therapist each visit
  • A working attitude of respect and T.L.C. with consideration of all your needs
  • Excellent service with the most updated equipment including the Alter G Anit-Gravity treadmill and Biodex balance training system
  • Highly qualified licensed physical therapists that are all trained in dry needling and other manual techniques
  • An evaluation of your rehabilitation needs
  • An individualized treatment plan to assist you in reaching your goals
  • A specialization in pediatric physical therapy and balance and dizziness problems

Hours of Service – 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday


GGC PT Main Clinic – Phone: (270) 780-0552 Fax: (270) 780-0490 Email: [email protected]
GGC PT Franklin – (270) 482-0137
GGC WKU Health Service – (270) 745-CARE [2273]

State-of-the-Art Equipment

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The innovative AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a game changer in physical therapy rehabilitation. Whether you’re a patient or an athlete dealing with lower body injuries, chronic pain or neurological conditions that inhibit mobility, you can benefit from the unweighting capabilities.

Click here or watch the video below for more information.

Biodex Balance System

The most popular Balance System…now even better
The Biodex Balance System SD has been designed to meet the needs of everyone looking to improve balance, increase agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies.

Click here or watch the video below for more information.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Do you get dizzy with certain movements?
  • Do you feel a spinning sensation when you roll over in bed?
  • Does your spinning sensation last a brief period of time?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Vestibular Rehabilitation at Graves-Gilbert Clinic may help you! The Physical Therapy Department has had excellent results with their patients in this program. If you would like more information, call our Physical Therapy Department at 270-780-0552 or by fax at 270-780-0490. You can also contact us by email at [email protected].

(A doctor’s referral is required for treatment.)

Therapeutic Weight Management Program

More Information (PDF)


Elizabeth Ann began the Therapeutic Weight Management Program. Ms. Ann’s knee pain was limiting her life. She was told by her orthopedic doctor she had to lose 50 lbs before she could have a TKR. She attended therapy twice a week for two months, losing 32 lbs. She still comes 2-3 times a month to weigh in and have her food logs evaluated. At her last visit, she had lost 42 lbs and her knee surgery was scheduled in mid December.

When asked about the program, Ms. Ann has nothing but good things to say. She stated, “Everybody needs help, and everyone here is so nice. You don’t go hungry on this plan and you have someone to watch over you.” Ms. Ann is now able to do her grocery shopping and housework herself.

If you would like to improve your quality of life and health, please call the Physical Therapy department and Graves Gilbert Clinic.

Graves Gilbert Clinic Physical Therapy – F.A.Q.

1) Does GGC PT perform trigger point dry needling?
Yes, and insurance does pay for it. All of our physical therapists are trained in dry needling and get excellent results with neck pain, headaches, back pain, shoulder, elbow, foot, and hip pain.

2) Does GGC PT make custom made orthotics?
Yes, and some insurances pay for them. We always verify each patient’s insurance benefits and let each patient know prior to being treated.

3) Does GGC PT have an anit-gravity treadmill?
Yes. We can do gait and running analysis with video monitoring on it. The Alter G treadmill is better than walking in a pool without the bathing suit. Insurance does pay for this.

4) Does GGC PT treat athletes?
Yes, for all musculoskeletal problems. All therapists are trained in kinesiotaping.

5) Does GGC PT perform the Graston Technique?
Yes, Karyn Herald, DPT gets excellent results with soft tissue injuries using this instrument assisted manual technique.

6) Does GGC PT treat stress headaches and TMJ pain?
Yes and we get excellent results with decreased pain and increased function.

7) Does GGC PT have a computerized balance system?
Yes the Biodex Balance System. All therapists are certified in balance and dizziness.

8) Does GGC PT treat workers comp patients?
Yes. We start with specific PT treatment and progress to work conditioning. We keep the patient’s employer and insurance informed on the patient’s progress.

9) Does GGC PT treat children neurological disorders?
Yes. Susan Pardue, PT is the best pediatric therapist in Bowling Green, KY.

10) Does GGC PT treat lymphedema patients?
Yes. Linda Pillow, PT is certified in manual lymphatic drainage.